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I have always done mixtapes. Before I had dj equipment I made what we in Sweden called ‘Blandband’, mixtapes, for my friends. Recorded on tape from vinyl with start and stop-technique. When I got my first double-deck cassette recorder, it got a little more advanced.

In the early 90’s I got myself some decks and a Vestax  Trix-mixer, and sometimes I made tapes at home and sometimes I spent hours at a local nightclub, trying to record the perfect mix while the cleaners did their work.

Then came the cd’s. I made them for my friends and when I started dj out a lot we formed a dj group called 4SSS. 4 seasons sound system. We made one cd each, burned more than 100 copies and printed out labels and covers and shared the cd’s at gigs. A package of 4 quality deep house-cd’s. These were also downloaded 3-400 times each.

Last few years I have tried to do more mixes, since I’m not really djing anymore. Mostly done with Traktor.

As the name, Fredagsmixen (The Friday Mix), suggests, I will try to get a new mix up every friday. It might take a while to get there.

About Henrik Löwenhamn

I’m 42 years old, father of Love & Elsa, and lives in Visby, Gotland, Sweden. I used to dj a lot in Stockholm at clubs like Monday Bar, Fokused and Berns and I was resident dj at Grodan Cocktail Club for two years.

I have a blog, in swedish, at www.lowenhamn.se, and can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo: Johan Lange (CC BY)

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